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New 20mph limits face axe after three months

2023-06-02 10:13:39 source:CNN (Cable News Network) author:Press center5 click:980order

Two stretches of road could have 20mph speed limits abandoned, less than three months after they were introduced.

The roads affected are in Caldicot and could now return to a 30mph speed limit following the pilot scheme.

Monmouthshire Council said the U-turn follows residents' concerns that the new limit was worsening congestion.

Welsh government legislation introduced last month, means 20mph will be the default limit in all built-up areas from next year.

The sections of road had are between Woodstock Way and the Mitel roundabout, and from there to Portskewett. Their new speed limits came in on 18 May,

The council said the section from Woodstock Way to the Mitel roundabout would continue to be a 20mph zone during school pick-up and drop-off times.

Daniel Thompson, of Caldicot's Danny T's Taxis, said the move to 20mph had been unnecessary.

"The issue is not with the 20mph, but more the 20mph on a bypass road," he said.

"The B4245 from Magor through to Portskewett is over seven miles long, and to drive at 20mph is adding a lot more time on journeys."

Mr Thompson said in some areas speed restrictions were detrimental and excessive.

"Driving a vehicle in a lower gear at lower speeds is using more fuel and is not doing your engine any good," he said.

"Implement it by schools or side streets but not on a bypass."

Carol Rundle agreed the lower limit caused disruption.

"You have people right up your backside trying to get past," she said.

Another resident, Julie Hillman, was in favour of 20mph limits.

She said: "It's a really good idea. We don't need to be in a rush here. People have got used to going too fast I'd say".

The Restricted Roads Order 2022 will see 20mph become the default maximum speed for all roads where the national speed limit does not apply.

Roads that are not capped at 20mph will be assessed to determine whether they should be.

Roads that already have a 20mph limit will remain so.

Living Streets Cymru advised the Welsh government on the legislation and backed shifting to 20mph limits.

The charity's Ruth Billingham urged councils to think carefully before abandoning lower limits.

She said: "The facts remain the same: 20mph is safer than 30mph."

More than 40,000 people have signed a petition calling on the Welsh government to scrap the new legislation.

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