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Birdgirl pleads for climate action after heatwave

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Recent extreme weather shows the government needs to take more action against the climate crisis, an environmental activist has said.

Ornithologist Dr Mya-Rose Craig, known as BirdGirlUK on Twitter, made the comments after temperatures hit 40C (104F) this week.

A national emergency was declared after a red extreme heat warning was issued.

A UK Government spokesperson said it has secured an additional 11GW of clean, affordable, home-grown power.

Miss Craig, 20, from Somerset, said climate change "cannot be disputed at this point".

The environmentalist set up Black2Nature to help engage more children from minority ethnic backgrounds (BAME) in conservation.

She also received the doctor of science degree from the University of Bristol in 2020 when she was aged 17.

"We've reached 40C for the first time in the UK, that's not normal British weather. I think it's 100 percent climate change," she said.

"I think it is a sign of things to come the fact that we also have a flood warning in the West in the next few days.

"We need to turn our eyes towards much broader and much more systemic change from our governments and corporations, asking what they are going to be doing to stop this pattern continuing into the future?"

Miss Craig said there were many things that could be done to tackle the climate crisis but felt there was "very little action" being taken.

"I think it's so important the climate change movement doesn't exclude people because of their own lifestyle choices because we do need everyone on board.

"I know so many people who feel almost too guilty to become a climate change activist which is the opposite of what we need," she added.

A UK Government spokesperson said:  "The UK Government has increased the amount of renewable energy capacity connected to the grid by 500% since 2010 - more than any other government in British history.

"Earlier this month, the UK Government secured an additional 11GW of clean, affordable, home-grown power through our flagship renewable auction scheme.

"We are leading the world on climate change, helping over 90% of countries set net-zero targets during our COP26 Presidency - up from 30% two years ago."

Miss Craig has written her second book, a memoir titled BIRDGIRL, which details her story of environmental activism.

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