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London to Doncaster by train

Heading back up north after a trip to the capital or want to explore what Yorkshire has to offer? With four Grand Central direct services every weekday as well as weekend options, going from London to Doncaster by train is easy when you book your tickets online with us.

Find the departure time that works for you from London King’s Cross and arrive into Doncaster station feeling relaxed and refreshed. Below you can find information on the journey itself, what London King’s Cross to Doncaster train tickets are available and how to book.

What is the average journey time from London to Doncaster?

The average journey duration of direct trains to Doncaster from London King’s Cross is approximately 1 hour and 42 minutes. Please note, however, that journey times may vary depending on when you choose to travel and which train operator you travel with.

Journey times on weekends and bank holidays may also be longer.

What is the distance between London and Doncaster?

The distance from London to Doncaster by train is approximately 144 miles, however this will vary depending on which route you decide to take.

What ticket do I need for a London to Doncaster train?

The type of train ticket you need will depend on when you want to travel, as well as who with, what class and whether you wish to return to London.

If you will be ending your journey in Doncaster, then you will require a Single ticket, but if you are planning to travel back to London King’s Cross at some point, a Return ticket may be better for you.

There are various ways to find the cheapest train tickets from London to Doncaster available for your chosen journey. Buying an Advance ticket is usually cheaper than purchasing a ticket on the day of travel, and further discounts can be gained if you have a Railcard or are travelling with young children.

You can find a full breakdown of all the different options available on our ticket types page.

How do I book London to Doncaster train tickets?

Once you are ready to book your journey, you can purchase your London to Doncaster train tickets via our simple online booking platform.

Enter your journey details to see a list of ticket options to choose from. Adding your Railcard at this point will allow you to see the cheapest train tickets from London to Doncaster available for your chosen departure time. 

Once you have booked your tickets, why not take a look at our blog for useful hints and tips to help you enjoy your journey even more − including some of the top things to do at your destination.

Things to do in Doncaster

Catching a London to Doncaster train puts you in a great position to explore the popular market town itself or head on elsewhere in South Yorkshire. 

Doncaster Racecourse is the perfect place to hedge your bets on a sunny race day or enjoy a variety of other live events. Yorkshire Wildlife Park is fantastic for families and animal enthusiasts meanwhile, with polar bears, tigers and lots more creatures all calling it home. And if you feel like stretching your legs after riding one of our trains from London King’s Cross to Doncaster, the Peak District National Park is also within easy reach.  

You can find more ideas for things to do in the area on our Doncaster and South Yorkshire destination page.   

Timetable - WR Northbound

  • London Kings Cross to Bradford Interchange
    •          Peak services
               Trains not calling at Pontefract Monkhill
    • Monday - Friday
      London Kings Cross 10:57 14:56 16:27 19:48
      Doncaster 12:35 16:31 18:04 21:19
      Pontefract Monkhill 12:58 16:55       -       -
      Wakefield Kirkgate 13:14 17:14 18:31 21:41
      Mirfield 13:27 17:27 18:46 22:04
      Brighouse 13:36 17:35 18:54 22:12
      Halifax 13:47 17:46 19:05 22:26
      Low Moor 13:54 17:53 19:12 22:34
      Bradford Interchange (arrive) 14:01 18:00 19:19 22:42
    • Saturday
      London Kings Cross 10:48 15:25 16:27 19:57
      Doncaster 12:22 17:02 18:02 21:34
      Pontefract Monkhill       -       -        - 22:03
      Wakefield Kirkgate 12:49 17:24 18:34 22:20
      Mirfield 13:02 17:36 18:47 22:32
      Brighouse 13:10 17:44 18:54 22:40
      Halifax 13:21 17:57 19:05 22:55
      Low Moor 13:28 18:04 19:12 23:02
      Bradford Interchange (arrive) 13:35 18:12 19:18 23:09
    • Sunday
      London Kings Cross 11:50 15:50 18:53 19:27
      Doncaster 13:21 17:22 20:39 21:00
      Pontefract Monkhill       -       -      -       -
      Wakefield Kirkgate 13:46 17:51 21:00 21:24
      Mirfield 14:02 18:03 21:15 21:36
      Brighouse 14:09 18:11 21:22 21:46
      Halifax 14:20 18:21 21:33 21:58
      Low Moor 14:27 18:28 21:40 22:06
      Bradford Interchange (arrive) 14:34 18:35 21:47 22:13